Business/Management and Accreditation

Today's business environment is typified by fast pace, rapid change, and global reach. One can find a number of distance learning business/management degrees that recognize the needs of businesses and other organizations worldwide and builds talented managers, leaders, and administrators with knowledge and skills needed for the 21st century. Distance learning degrees offer people an opportunity to demonstrate their capacity for growth and innovation, preparing them to surpass in their current project and advance in their profession. Various leading business/management institutions offer online distance learning business degree programs in a range of specializations.

The field of Business/Management is one of the most widely studied disciplines of online education today. The Business/Management studies imply that a certain procedure must be devised and followed for the purpose of getting tasks done by and through people in order to attain and upkeep a business organization's efficiency.

Business/Management studies cover interesting topics like organizational planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the key actions of the firm that of inbound and outbound logistics, operations, services, marketing and sales. It also teaches subjects like accounting, finance, strategic planning, human resource management, technology development, product and process improvement, and procurement crossing cultural boundaries as most large business organizations function globally.

Business/Management graduates are expected to fit in leadership roles, vastly contribute to the growth of organizations as a team-player while displaying their ability to be versatile and adaptive of varied circumstances and trends and can opt for a career as an Employee Relations Manager, Human Resources Director, Management Consultant, Senior Employment Analyst, Financial Analyst, Marketing Consultant, General Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager or an Entrepreneur.

Online mode of education in Business/Management is gaining popularity by the day due to the absolute ease and flexibility it offers to people like working adults, veterans, military personals, handicapped and home school students. The majors widely chosen in various leading online institutions school of Business/Management , preparing students to fulfill the needs of entrepreneurship and general management related jobs are Human Resource Management, Accounting, Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Logistics management, International business, Marketing, Finance, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Retail Management, Hospitality Management, Product and Brand Management, Aviation Management, Real Estate Management and Construction Management.

Before enrolling for a Business/Management degree program a student would always check as to whether the institution in question is accredited by an internationally acclaimed and recognized accrediting body as otherwise their online degree maybe tagged as a diploma mill in the job market. It is therefore imperative for any self-proclaiming online or distance learning Business/Management institution to apply for international accreditation in order to prove its degree programs validity and acceptance through out the world.

The GACC being the first ever international accrediting authority and the only one of its kind at present for the purpose of especially catering to the needs of online and distance learners and working adults education worldwide have developed its accreditation criterion for online educators in particular after extensive research on the finest practices for educational institutions offering programs especially for the benefit of working adults pursuing Business/Management degrees online. The School of Business and Management at MUST has been individually accredited by GACC. This is a testament to the quality of education that this school offers and its level of academic excellence. Your Business/Management School may also stand a chance to be accredited by the GACC, having taken into account the scope, curriculum and application of education offered by your school of Business/Management.



To accomplish its mission of standardizing and promoting working adults' education worldwide, MECOHE has created chapters in different countries. All these regional chapters have native members who are related to the field of education in one way or the other and work to achieve MECOHE's mission in their respective chapters. Membership leads to the following prestigious positions of office-bearers

President / General Secretary /Treasurer/ VP's for city chapters


For each international chapter of MECOHE, we have native members in our team who are well aware of the dynamics of their country's education system and possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to serve working adults' education. Our members assures that the education quality standards are met by the regional institutions.

Our Evaluators

Our accreditation site-visits and evaluation is done in conjunction with MECOHE's worldwide chapters and members. In a given regional chapter certain carefully selected top-tier individual members are nominated as MECOHE evaluator. All of MECOHE's evaluators understand their role and take a strong part in upholding global working adult education standards and the prestige that goes with an MECOHE accreditation.


At MECOHE, we have a set of strict educational standards that must be adhered to by all educational institutes. Our standards are specifically tailored for working adults’ education and hence, these cover all aspects of your institution, your programs, fields of study, program costs, flexible learning and your assessment of working adults enrolled at your institution, etc.

Accreditaion Award Program

We extend our collaboration to all such renowned traditional accrediting bodies that have been awarding accreditation to prestigious institutions in their regions for years. We would like to supplement their strict accreditation methods, respected and accepted worldwide with our expertise of creating an online educational environment supported by the latest technology.